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The Radical Enlightenment: Pantheists, Freemasons and Republicans
by Margaret C. Jacob
6x9 Softcover 304 pages
Retail Price: $24.95
ISBN 1-887560-74-2

When first published in 1981, The Radical Enlightenment encountered both praise and blame. In the course of time it became a classic. In the era after 1945 the book was perhaps the first English language scholarly work to address freemasonry seriously.

The new edition attempts to modernize the footnotes, removes a few errors in transcription found in quotations used in the first edition, and not least, offers a new preface. The thesis presented in The Radical Enlightenment has withstood the test of time and in the last twenty years been augmented and made more distinct by a variety of historians working on both sides of the Atlantic.

The author, Margaret C. Jacob, is a distinguished professor of history at UCLA and in 2002 received an honorary doctorate from the University of Utrecht for the work she has done on the Dutch Enlightenment.

Published by Cornerstone Book Publishers.

Due for Release October 28, 2006 - Pre-Orders accepted

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